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An important product for the sweetened taste in food. Jaggery gives the vital energy the body needs without any side-effects unlike sugar.
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Slabs of 10 kgs, 5 kgs, 1 kg, 500 gms & 200 gms.

Crude Drugs

Crude Drugs   
Most of the Crude Drugs are used in the preparation of Garam Masala for food. The Indian delicacies are seasoned with the garam masala to add a touch of taste.
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Nigella
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Tej Patta
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Galangal Roots & Slices
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Black Himej
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Tukmaria Small & Bold
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Assam Roots
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Nutmeg
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Henna Leaves & Powders
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Senna leaves
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Gum Oilbanum
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Rose Flowers and Petals
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Myraballams
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Asalio
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Kapurkachli and others

Pulses / Cereals

Pulses / Cereals  
Rich in proteins the high quality Pulses & Cereals are an energy booster to the body.
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Jowar
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Bajra (sorgum)
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Chana Dal
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Moong
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Toor
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Udad
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Chora
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Masoor
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Kabuli Chana
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Moth Dal
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Kadwa Val
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Val Dal etc.

Curry Powder

Curry Powder   
Used for preparing various flavoured vegetables to give the wonderful aroma of a great delicacy.
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Madras Curry Powder and as per different tastes.


Good quality Rice when cooked on steam spread a delightful fragrance. The Biryani, Pulav, (a vegetable rice form of the Indian palate) is a tasty accompaniment of the Indian food.
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Basmati
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Non-Basmati Rice
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Raw 7 Parboiled
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)Sortexed
bd14752_.gif (958 bytes)No-sortexed

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